Pilsner glass

The Pilsner

The sun is out, the pool is ready, your lawn chairs are unpacked and dusted off, and the grill is heating up. Now all you need is an excuse to sit down with a crispy cold beer. 

We feel you, trust us.

As a collective front the staff summer time choice of beer is a pilsner. You can catch us chillin on the back patio of the brewery sipping down our famous Pilsner, Chug Life, in our equally famous Pilsner glass. We made this glass to directly reflect the needs of a Pilsner, hence the name.  

Sometimes keeping it simple is just the remedy. The Pilsner’s understated perfection makes your drinking experience effortless, so the long hot days get easier and easier with each sip.

Curated Sets

We hand picked our favorite glasses to create these two sets that should cover all your summertime chill’n needs.

Summertime Picks

Pilsner glass