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A variant of the Sparkles chosen by YOUZZ GUYS! A delightful journey into traditional glassware preferred by our Czech brothers and sisters. This glass features our favorite diamond pattern – A throwback to the dimpled mugs, but elevated with our handmade approach. A true win for this style glass (if you have the good fortune of owning a Lukr side pour) is that you can easily get the faucet to the bottom of the glass, ensuring proper head structure and all around good times. We kept the opening angled in to elevate the aroma of your crispy boi.

With these new mugs we wanted to highlight our Lukr Baroko, our brand new traditional Czech side pull tap. These differ from normal beer taps in that they are operated via a ball valve, allowing the tapster to have a variable control of the beer flowing into your glass to get perfect, consistent pours every time. The Lukr also has a fine mesh screen inside the faucet that elevates your lager drinking experience by giving a rich, foamy, creamy head and silky texture to the body of your beer, much more akin to how lager is served overseas.
Na zdravil!


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 in
Serving Size

Standard (12-15oz)

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