Christmas in July!

The Summer 2nds Sale is here

As glass artists and makers striving for perfection and beauty in all of our glassware we also stop to appreciate the small deviations that sometimes happen from hand made items. These deviations are called 2nds. Whether it’s a small scratch, a variation in size, some bubbles and chords, or a wonky lip, all of these imperfections show just how hard it is to get it perfectly right every time. 

We’ve been saving up our little deviations for a few months now and are ready to give them new homes! This years Summer 2nd Sale, otherwise known as Christmas in July, will not disappoint. We have almost one (or more) of everything and even some OG retired glass seconds that we found in storage.

Summertime Sets

The sun is out, the pool is ready, lawn chairs are unpacked, and the grill is heating up. Now all you need is an excuse to sit down with a crispy cold beer. 

We feel you, trust us.

We hand picked our favorite glasses to create these two sets that should cover all your summertime chill’n needs. Save 10% when you buy the set!

Summertime Crispy Set

This set includes the Foamy Boi, Pilsner, Subtle, and Tulip glasses.

Summertime Hoppy Set

This set includes the 14er, JuicyY, Hazy, and THE glasses.

Y’all Means All

Our new “Not-So-Subtle Pride” Glasses are a reflection of our love and support for all. The colors of our rainbow were hand picked by our artisans, lovingly pulled into long cane pieces, and artfully applied to our flagship Subtle glass. Celebrate your own pride with your favorite beer in your new favorite glass. Read the full post.

Pretentious Pride scamp
Pilsner glass


As a collective front the staff summer time choice of beer is a pilsner. You can catch us chillin on the back patio of the brewery sipping down our famous Pilsner, Chug Life, in our equally famous Pilsner glass. We made this glass to directly reflect the needs of a Pilsner, hence the name.  

Sometimes keeping it simple is just the remedy. The Pilsner’s understated perfection makes your drinking experience effortless, so the long hot days get easier and easier with each sip.

Uranium Glasses

Satisfy and celebrate your science, sci-fi,  Mulder & Scully, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dreams with a Uranium class. No worries though, while the glow comes from real Uranium, no third eyes or ill-placed limbs to be worried about, this type of glass has been bopping around since the 1950s and proven very safe.


Just the right understated curve, with a graciously hefty bottom and a loose Italian style battuto carved section makes this glass seem almost platonic! We can’t decide if it is more pleasing to the eye or the hand.

“Just wow. Beautifully crafted and can’t wait to give this to my husband. Will absolutely recommend this stellar seller and can’t wait to buy his glasses again.”



When you think about the quintessential lowball glass, you think of a hefty weight, a comfortable grip and enjoying the gorgeous amber glow of your favorite whiskey. This handcrafted blown-glass whiskey glass is simple, classic, and yet bold in design! This glass is perfect for bourbon or whiskey.

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Flagship Series

Flagship Series selected glass image

Scrumptiously crafted. Deliciously approved. Our Flagship series is the creme de la creme. Cultivated through experimentation, chosen from hundreds of prototypes. Designed by a Brewer, made by hand, and tested by you.

Dive Deep

Small Batch Series

Small Batch Series selected glass image

If variety is the spice of life, welcome to the spice drawer of Pretentious Glass Co! The Small Batch Series highlights our continuous exploration into new styles, aesthetics, beverages and design trends. We hope that this design passes on the Joy and Elation of fresh possibilities!

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