The Lowball
The Lowball
The Lowball
The Lowball
The Lowball
The Lowball
The Lowball



Let your drink dance in the light of the Lowball, our artist-take on a timeless classic.

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With a weighty bottom and comfy all-evening-long grip, Lowball glasses are the ole reliable when it comes to slow sipping on dark spirits. We wanted to celebrate the tradition of a lowball glass while making it our own. After many iterations we landed on the Pretentious Lowball, ready for large, small, or no ice, and enhanced by the signature lattice texture, giving it a treasured vintage feel.

Like the moon and sunlight perforating the lattice on your front porch and playing on the ground, the lattice of the Lowball refracts and shimmers in the light so it looks like your drink is dancing the slow song of your relaxing evening. It’s a real mood setter intensified only by a smooth sipping spirit and a friend to share with.

Pair it with our Facet Decanter, a sharing and storing vessel designed specifically with our Lowball in mind.

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