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Let your drink dance in the light of the Lowball, our artist-take on a timeless classic.

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Estimated delivery by 06/11/2024

For most of 2020, we have been quietly working on a new line of Decanters! We are pleased to present a variety of our prototypes and explorations…some based on classical decanter forms, some completely rejecting historic models. Let us know what you think as we continue to hone in on the signature Pretentious Glass Co Decanter styles!


Weight 3 lbs
Serving Size

Vessel (750ml)

Perfect for


Weight 1 lbs
Serving Size

Small Pour (8-10oz)


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Not only are we experts in glassware design, we regularly work with world class producers of pretty much any style liquor imaginable.  So if you prefer decanter specifically for Wine vs Whiskey vs Tequila vs well…anything, we can make you the best vessel for YOUR tastes!  

Our decanters are free hand produced, and have an almost endless customizable options.  So if you prefer a fitted stopper, no stopper, a wine decanter, a whiskey decanter, a sangria vessel, we got you!  Let us know what style beverage you love and how you love to enjoy it and we can recommend. 

Decanters in the sun

In 2018, I started making Decanters for Blackberry Farm and Blackberry Mountain.  It began innocently enough, they wanted wine decanters for service at their restaurants.  As a huge fan of all things Blackberry, I was down!  We had already been making wine and whiskey glasses, but for some reason, I never ventured into decanters (insert face palm).  Well, these decanters became very popular, getting added to the Blackberry Store, and receiving lots of requests.  Thankfully, the team there encouraged and facilitated my venture into Decanters, and I haven’t looked back!  Our two Flagship Decanter Sets are the Faceted Decanter, and the MOVE Decanter.   And I say flagship very loosely in this context as our decanter series is one of the most explorative series that we make and is constantly updated with new styles/designs.