FACET Decanter
FACET Decanter
Decanters filled with whiskey on table
Decanter and glasses with whiskey
FACET Decanter

FACET Decanter

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Let your drink dance in the light of the Lowball, our artist-take on a timeless classic.

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Estimated delivery by 10/27/2022

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For most of 2020, we have been quietly working on a new line of Decanters! We are pleased to present a variety of our prototypes and explorations…some based on classical decanter forms, some completely rejecting historic models. Let us know what you think as we continue to hone in on the signature Pretentious Glass Co Decanter styles!

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"Absolutely amazing and beautiful glassware. I purchased these for my son-in-law and son for Father's Day. Both rarely get excited over gifts--they were definitely happy! I will be a returning for future events. Thank yo so much!"


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