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A glass that reflects its culture and environment perfectly.

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Valentine's Day Collection

The Sequel was born of necessity but has proven itself as a beautifully designed powerhouse ready to elevate your drinking experience to new heights. Its wide body welcomes a full pour over the mountain which acts as a built-in aerator for your drink. Combined with the tapered neck and a cylindrical mouth not only does this glass construct a new aromatic experience but it holds a wonderful full head which is replaced each time you take a sip through its clever MacGyver designing.

Every single Sequel comes with its own fingerprint mountain. No two are exactly alike, kinda like the peaks of the Smokeys. The Sequel mountain acts an analogue version of laser etched nucleation, the process of adding texture to introduce friction to your drink. As your pour of beer or wine slips over the ridges and peaks of the mountain more oxygen is introduced creating a delectable sniff and sip. With each sip the friction of the mountain lets your drink live up to its full potential. In a beer it rebuilds the head, in a wine it continues to aerate each level of your pour.


Weight 1 lbs
Serving Size

Pint (16-20oz)

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  1. I’m in love!!! The glass is awesome !!!

    Trace (verified owner)

  2. Elegant and fun to hold. Always a conversation starter.

    Jacob (verified owner)

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