Summertime Hoppy Set
Summertime Hoppy Set
THE Beer Glass
THE Beer Glass

THE Beer Glass


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Estimated delivery by 10/24/2022

The Summertime Set


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Out of all the new designs and prototypes, this has been the one that I reached for first. The glass lends itself to soooo many styles. Excelling at small to medium malty beers; but also APA, Amber, Dubbel, Reds, even fruited sours! The bulbous bottom of the glass offers a nice semi-sphere to hold, while the tight waist above offers an un-paralleled ergonomic experience. The soft tulip supports and maintains a great head while you enjoy the color of the beer.

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"My wife has now purchased me two whiskey glasses and two tulip beer glasses. I love all of them for their style and utility...brilliant designs!!"


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