The Sequel

The Sequel

The Sequel was born of necessity but has proven itself as a beautifully designed powerhouse ready to elevate your drinking experience to new heights. Its wide body welcomes a full pour over the mountain which acts as a built-in aerator for your drink. Combined with the tapered neck and a cylindrical mouth not only does this glass construct a new aromatic experience but it holds a wonderful full head which is replaced each time you take a sip through its clever MacGyver designing.

Trappe wine glasses basking in the sun

Trappe Wine Glasses

The Trappe Wine Glasses is my first “go” at making a more artistic, affordable, yet functional every day wine glass. The overall shape hits the classic proportions that are tried and true for wine. We have refined the curves into two minimal conical shapes and allowed the straight optics to visually enhance this angular design. They are statement pieces that beg to be used on a regular basis. This is a similar design approach to the angular movement in the Hazy and Bamboo glasses and was inspired by “Short Pop” versions of the two glasses that first appeared last holiday season as the Trappe Whiskey Glasses. When the Hazy or Bamboo glasses would break near the lips, we would refinish them as a smaller glass. They were a huge hit and encouraged me to overlay that ideology onto the wine glass format.

 They are statement pieces that beg to be used on a regular basis

The Lowball

The Lowball

Let your drink dance in the light of the Lowball, our artist-take on a timeless classic.

Like the moon and sunlight perforating the lattice on your front porch and playing on the ground, the lattice of the Lowball refracts and shimmers in the light so it looks like your drink is dancing the slow song of your relaxing evening. It’s a real mood setter intensified only by a smooth sipping spirit and a friend to share with.

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Neodymium Lowball

Neodymium Lowball

How about a refresh in this mid-summer heat? Our color changing Neodymium Lowball is the perfect partner for the summer sun or the sweet reprieve of air conditioning.

Neodymium reacts to light at different wavelengths, lavender in daylight and ice blue in fluorescent light, meaning this beautiful glass will change with you as you’re enjoying the sweet sunshine and the refreshing indoor AC.

The Wobble 2.0

Wobble 2.0

The Wobble is a crew favorite, so much fun to make and drink out of… we even use it in our taproom for high grav pours. We have reimagined our crew favorite glass as the Wobble 2.0.

This hybrid beer/rocks glass features an assertive, wide bottom that radiates the vibes on an aged library bourbon retreat. This stable grounding allows the platonic and sensuous curves of the upper hourglass to sing both visually and functionally.

The Big Sexy

Big Sexy

There’s nothing quite like the feeling and weight of our Big Sexy glass in your hands – its got some serious booty.

The Big Sexy is a favorite of dark beer drinkers who enjoy a glass with a little heft to it. Whether you’re into high gravity, big flavor, or creamy beers, the Big Sexy delivers every time.

The Big Sexy

Uranium Glasses

Satisfy and celebrate your science, sci-fi,  Mulder & Scully, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dreams with a Uranium class. No worries though, while the glow comes from real Uranium, no third eyes or ill-placed limbs to be worried about, this type of glass has been bopping around since the 1950s and proven very safe.

MOVE Decanter

Not only are we experts in glassware design, we regularly work with world class producers of pretty much any style liquor imaginable. So if you prefer decanter specifically for Wine vs Whiskey vs Tequila vs well…anything, we can make you the best vessel for YOUR tastes!

“I will never drink beer from another glass. These are beautiful! Arrived in perfect condition and 100% worth the wait.”



Just the right understated curve, with a graciously hefty bottom and a loose Italian style battuto carved section makes this glass seem almost platonic! We can’t decide if it is more pleasing to the eye or the hand.

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Flagship Series

Flagship Series selected glass image

Scrumptiously crafted. Deliciously approved. Our Flagship series is the creme de la creme. Cultivated through experimentation, chosen from hundreds of prototypes. Designed by a Brewer, made by hand, and tested by you.

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Small Batch Series

Small Batch Series selected glass image

If variety is the spice of life, welcome to the spice drawer of Pretentious Glass Co! The Small Batch Series highlights our continuous exploration into new styles, aesthetics, beverages and design trends. We hope that this design passes on the Joy and Elation of fresh possibilities!

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