Glass Pumpkin Collection

Hand-blown Glass Pumpkins

“Happy Fall Y’all! Yes, that means handmade Glass Pumpkin are here!

NEW Pastel Variant Pumpkins!

The Oktoberset: Foamy Boi, Subtle, and Pilsner glasses

The Oktoberset

Ahhh, Oktoberfest season has ALWAYS been my favorite season for beer the whole year round. As the culture of Crispy Bois/Gurls has permeated beer culture, the opportunity to drink flavorful and well crafted lagers has become more accessible. For myself, Marzens were the first bastion of tastiness. And I celebrate this season with vigor!!!

Save 10% on the Oktoberfest set featuring my favorite lager designs; the Pilsner, the Foamy Boi, and the OG Subtle.

Fancy Pants Pumpkin Mug

Fancy Pants Pumpkin Mug

Greenwood and Ward form the body of the Foamy Boi glass

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