Trappe Wine Glass - White
Trappe Wine Glass - White
Trappe Wine Glass - White
Trappe Wine Glass - White
Trappe Wine Glass - White
Trappe Wine Glasses

Trappe Wine Glass – White


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Estimated delivery by 10/20/2022

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It’s been a while since I designed a limited run of Wine Glasses. Which is so weird, I love to drink wine. A little industry secret is that brewers/brewery owners tend to not drink much beer at home. I’m around malted beverages all day, sampling products for QC, blending or seeing how the flavors are developing. So when I’m at home, I always reach for a dry red or white wine – and the wine glasses at my house have to earn their keep.

The Trappe Wine Glasses is my first “go” at making a more artistic, affordable, yet functional every day wine glass. The overall shape hits the classic proportions that are tried and true for wine. We have refined the curves into two minimal conical shapes and allowed the straight optics to visually enhance this angular design. They are statement pieces that beg to be used on a regular basis. This is a similar design approach to the angular movement in the Hazy and Bamboo glasses and was inspired by “Short Pop” versions of the two glasses that first appeared last holiday season as the Trappe Whiskey Glasses. When the Hazy or Bamboo glasses would break near the lips, we would refinish them as a smaller glass. They were a huge hit and encouraged me to overlay that ideology onto the wine glass format.

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