Halloween Glass Pumpkins are Back!

Ok all you ghouls, goblins, and ghosties get ready for a treat! We’re back with pumpkins galore. Let these sweeties possess you and your home. We’ve got four styles of pumpkin to color your space and bring the festivities indoors. No need for candles or wicking for these wicked babies, the light will shine through […]

Trappe Wine Glasses

It’s been a while since I designed a limited run of Wine Glasses. Which is so weird, I love to drink wine. A little industry secret is that brewers/brewery owners tend to not drink much beer at home. I’m around malted beverages all day, sampling products for QC, blending or seeing how the flavors are […]

Neodymium Lowball Release

How about a refresh in this mid-summer heat? Our color changing Neodymium Lowball is the perfect partner for the summer sun or the sweet reprieve of air conditioning.  We’ve been concocting secret recipes and combos in our trusty little color furnace “Biggie Smalls” for a few months, but when we decided to get all sciency […]

Christmas in July – Merch, Merch, Merch!

Always on the hunt for new swag? Need more trash pandas and sarcasm in your life? Look no further, we’ve got you. We’ve been working with local legend, Riot Printing for years now on amazing unique designs. Some OG designs are staples, like the 50 foot woman, or the Trash Panda Dumpster Diver, but some […]

Christmas in July – Summer 2nds Sale

As glass artists and makers striving for perfection and beauty in all of our glassware we also stop to appreciate the small deviations that sometimes happen from hand made items. These deviations are called 2nds. Whether it’s a small scratch, a variation in size, some bubbles and chords, or a wonky lip, all of these […]

Pretentious Pride

Pretentious Craft Co. is a southern made-and-run company. We are proud supporters of all of our LGBTQIA+ employees, customers, and community members. Being situated in the heart of Appalachia we are happy to have the opportunity to be community leaders in ally-ship and safe spaces. Our new “Not-So-Subtle Pride” Glasses are a reflection of our […]

Father’s Day Picks

Like your Dad, our glasses are one of a kind. Help your Dad enjoy his favorite beer with his favorite people (you) in Style. Maybe he’s the strong silent type, or the community Dad taking care of everyone. He might be your little league coach, your fishing buddy, your hair braiding expert, or your number […]

Uranium Flagships

They’re glowing! Satisfy and celebrate your science, sci-fi,  Mulder & Scully, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dreams with a Uranium class. No worries though, while the glow comes from real Uranium, no third eyes or ill-placed limbs to be worried about, this type of glass has been bopping around since the 1950s and proven very safe.  […]

Introducing the Foamy Boi

A variant of the Sparkles chosen by YOUZZ GUYS! A delightful journey into traditional glassware preferred by our Czech brothers and sisters. This glass features our favorite diamond pattern – A throwback to the dimpled mugs, but elevated with our handmade approach. A true win for this style glass (if you have the good fortune […]

2nds Sale – Fall 2021

What is a 2nd? 2nd Glassware has minor aesthetic flaws such as cords, bubbles, blemishes, and/or mild imperfections. Their flaws do not affect the integrity of the glass. Refunds not accepted. Please message us if you have questions or concerns before purchase.