Neodymium Lowball Release

How about a refresh in this mid-summer heat? Our color changing Neodymium Lowball is the perfect partner for the summer sun or the sweet reprieve of air conditioning. 

We’ve been concocting secret recipes and combos in our trusty little color furnace “Biggie Smalls” for a few months, but when we decided to get all sciency and dip our toes into neodymium, we were hooked. The glass itself, whether molten or cooled, is visually seductive resembling shifting silk as is plays with the light in the room. 

Neodymium Lowball

Unlike the heat activated color changing spoons, bowls, and mood rings of the 90s that we all loved, our Neodymium Lowball only needs a shift of light. From day to night it shifts naturally from Lavender to Ice Blue, all while complimenting the the rich colors of your favorite bourbon, whiskey, rye, or scotch. 

Neodymium Lowball

Neodymium reacts to light at different wavelengths, lavender in daylight and ice blue in fluorescent light, meaning this beautiful glass will change with you as you’re enjoying the sweet sunshine and the refreshing indoor AC.