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Hop Heads beware! This glass was designed and made, by one of your own, specifically for Imperial India Pale Ales.

The Sauvin Glass was one of the first 30 prototypes I designed and made before launching the Pretentious Beer Glass Company back in 2012. It didn’t quite fit into the first five set of styles and wasn’t included in the initial product line. But for the last couple of years, it has been my go-to glass at the studio. I love it! It enhances just about any style, but most of all, it allows DiPAs to really sing (one of my fav styles).

The glass is named after my personal favorite hop, Nelson Sauvin, a hop variety grown in New Zealand and bred to mimic the flavor profile of Sauvignon Blanc Grapes. Delicious! I use it in micro brews every chance that I get (if you ever stop by the Knoxville brewery, you can try my Saison Blanc, a hoppy Saison with Nelson Sauvin hops).

The Sauvin Glass is a big snifter/tulip hybrid with a hollow foot. It does amazing feats with aromatic qualities of beer, especially dry-hopped DiPAs. The snifter shape in the middle of the glass allows the user to cradle the glass in both hands and warm the glass (good for belgians or barley wines that need to warm as you drink), while the hollow foot allows you to grasp the glass with very little surface contact area (so it stays cold)!

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