Elegant Holiday Glass Ornaments

We are so ready for the holidays! Our glass blowers have been having a party making our holiday ornaments! This year we have an array of elegant ornaments that celebrate tradition through glass blown baubles that pack a lot of punch and style. Great for a gift or for yourself, cause you deserve it too! […]

Neodymium Lowball Release

How about a refresh in this mid-summer heat? Our color changing Neodymium Lowball is the perfect partner for the summer sun or the sweet reprieve of air conditioning.  We’ve been concocting secret recipes and combos in our trusty little color furnace “Biggie Smalls” for a few months, but when we decided to get all sciency […]

Christmas in July – Merch, Merch, Merch!

Always on the hunt for new swag? Need more trash pandas and sarcasm in your life? Look no further, we’ve got you. We’ve been working with local legend, Riot Printing for years now on amazing unique designs. Some OG designs are staples, like the 50 foot woman, or the Trash Panda Dumpster Diver, but some […]