Tulip (Set of 4)
Tulip (Set of 4)
Tulip (Set of 4)
Tulip glass
Tulip (Set of 4)
Tulip (Set of 4)
Tulip (Set of 4)

Tulip (Set of 4)

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Tulip × 4

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When a glassblower opens up his own brewery, the glassware needs to be on point.  The Tulip glass is our favorite full pour glass for lighter styles, including lagers and saisons.  It is a beautiful tall tulip glass that holds the pillowy head of a pilsner for dayzzzz!  The narrow body encourages a small area of contact with your hand, ensuring the beer stays at the optimum drinking temperature for longer (for lighter beers, we prefer 41-45 degrees). 

Designed exclusively for Pretentious Beer Co, our sister company and microbrewery.  The Bar Series features a production technique that predates the industrial revolution.  In an effort to make handmade glassware even more approachable, we are looking at historic techniques when all glassware was handmade.  The top of these glasses are a little thinner than our other wares, but still made out of the same high quality, super strong base glass that we are known for.


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