Make your Own Workshop FAQ

Q: How much of the process will I actually be participating in?

A: While everyone’s abilities are different; our instructors are trained to give you the most hands on experience possible. You will be sitting at the bench, using all of the various tools, applying the color to the molten glass, and much much more.

Q: Do I need any previous experience to take this class?

A: Absolutely not. Our workshops are designed to accommodate people with zero experience.

Q: Do we know who Dale Chihuly is?

A: 100% He’s kinda a rockstar in the glass world.

Q: Why are we only working with orange glass? (GO VOLS!!!)

A: The “orange” color that you’re seeing is from the extreme heat in the glass. We’re actually starting with clear glass at 2100 degrees. Most materials glow when they get really hot. Just like the elements on an electric stove.

Q: How often do we get burned.

A: While burns are not unheard of, they happen very rarely. All of our instructors have been working in this medium for many years. If they were burning themselves frequently, they probably wouldn’t still be blowing glass.

Q: Is this a hobby or a full time job?

A: It takes years of full time dedication to learn how to competently work with this material. All of our artists and instructors have dedicated their lives and careers to the pursuit of becoming master glass blowers. WE LOVE IT!!!

Q: How did we get into this profession?

A: Everyone’s path begins in different ways. This could be the beginning of yours!

Q: How long does it take for the glass to cool down.

A: In order for any of our work to survive, it has to cool down very slowly. The thicker the glass, the longer we have to allow for it to cool. Typically we have a 12-14 hour program that doesn’t begin until the last piece of the day has been placed in our annealing oven.

Q: Are you able to accommodate for disabilities

A: Please contact us before you schedule workshop with more details. We are usually able to accommodate everyone, however your level of involvement may vary.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding our workshops.

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