There is a say in glassblowing…”Its not what you can make, its what you can fix”.  So anytime a flagship glass is not going according to plan, we let the glass take lead and just see what it wants to make instead.  The Wobble design came from one of those times.  This glass is made from the same mold as the Limestone glass, but then all the moves change.  Different bottom sculpting, different opening style.  But hey, that is the beauty of handmade glass!  

This is another glass that I really enjoy with different beverages; wine, whisky, and beer.  It was originally designed as a whiskey glass, but then it tested so well with beer that we promoted it to our imperial pour glass at the taproom.  All of our high gravity stouts, imperial sours, big Belgians, DIPA, TIPA, etc get poured into the Wobble Glass.