The Sequel

The original mountain glass!  Imitated often, never equaled.

The craziest aspect of this glass is the process of putting the mountain into the bottom of the glass.  Each mountain is hand formed, so no two are alike.  We tweaked the process of the cup so that we could have a strong tulip while pushing the mountain further into the glass than ever before.  While most of our Flagships are beer focused, this glass is absolutely amazing with a bold red wine.  When I am grilling steaks at home, the Sequel glass filled with a Pinot Noir or Sangiovese is always near by.  The mountain slowly emerges as more of the liquid is enjoyed, granting the user a wonderful experience of discovery!  One of my favorite moments is when the peak is just about the pierce the liquid and you see a very thin layer of beer or wine over the peak. 

Sequel glass on table

The Sequel glass is designed to highlight any aromatic beer and or high ABV beer, such as Belguims, Barleywine, etc. Obviously reminiscent of the snifter or full bodied red wine glass, it concentrates the volatiles and aromatics of the beer to properly enhance the experience. The main design element is an abstract mountain pushed into the bottom of the glass. As you drink the beverage, the mountain is slowly revealed, emerging from the dark liquid. This mountain also acts as an analog nucleation component, causing additional friction as you drink and maintaining a proper head throughout the beer.