New Fashioned Neat

The NFN is the preferred Taster glass for our Beer Flights at the Pretentious Brewery next door.  We even have a custom designed and built floating flight tray!  So grabbing a handful of these would be perfect for your next bottle share.  

Pretty much anything that I want to drink in the 1-4 oz size, I always grab this beaut!  The NFN also shines when sipping on some really good tequila. 

This is the best bourbon neat glass ever invented! What happens when you pour a good small barrel bourbon into the glass and drink it? It tastes like a great single barrel bourbon! What happens when you pour an exquisitely old single batch bourbon into this glass and drink it? Your mind explodes from the yet-to-be-discovered bliss of the New Fashioned Neat Glass. Not only is this great for whiskey, we use it as a unique beer taster glass at the brewery.

“What can I say? We bought a number of different glasses from this seller and we LOVE all of them. Feel good in your hand and feels good to drink from them. Makes my beer even more special.”


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