This embraces a love of sleek modern design.  Great lines, only where they are absolutely needed.  A classic tulip glass reimagined.  I really like tulips for the basis of a lot of my designs.  The flared out top cradles a fluffy head from an effervescent lager or give support and strength the a hop oil infused IPA head which tries to dissipate way too soon.  

Hazy glass on bar

Designed exclusively for Pretentious Beer Co, our sister company and microbrewery. Hazy IPA Glass is a modern interpretation of a tulip, one of the most versatile shapes for craft beer. The top of the glass features an aggressive flared lip that helps to support a fluffy, lasting head, while gently focusing the massive hop aromas that are a signature to hazy or juicy IPAs. This glass has been tested EXTENSIVELY at the PBC taproom on our signature hazy IPAs.

Hazy glass being crafted