FANCY Limestone

Introducing the FANCY Limestone glass. Just like our traditional Limestone, but we gave it a makeover!  Upping the “feelin’ yo self” vibes, this version has a sophisticated vertical ribbing.  Adds a bit of sparkle, and a great tactile experience.

The Limestone glass is reminiscent of a traditional rocks glass with two important variations.  First off, it won’t sit upright!  It has three spherical impressions in the bottom that allow it to sit in three off-center positions (don’t worry, it doesn’t lean too much that any precious bourbon spills!).  It truly is a “rocky” rocks glass!  

The second difference is the most important in terms of functionality.  Instead of a standard straight sided glass (which does nothing for the liquor), the glass has a subtle inward curve…focusing the aroma, and keeping the ice further from the opening.  I keep this glass handy at the studio for any quick sampling of liquid, be it bourbon, wine or small pours of beer.