Big Sexy

This glass features what we call a Swedish Foot, which is a crispy short cylinder base…very clean, modern finishing touch on the bottom of the glass  It give the design a nice weighted bottom and makes it a bit easier to hold. 

The Swedish Foot is one of my favorite techniques for both the enjoyment of the process and the finished aesthetic.  My approach is based and owed to the lessons learned from an amazing glassblower, Sam Stang in Augusta, Missouri.  I spent about 4 months studying under Sam in the Summer of 2007.  Truly the Zen Master of American/Venetian style glassblowing…haha, that might sound contradictory, but once you meet him, it makes total sense!  

Big Sexy glass full of beer

The Big Sexy Beer Glass is not for the light of heart. It is a big ole snifter matched only by the enormous flavors of the Imperial and Dark Beers being poured in its voluptuous form. The snifter form allows for maximum aromatic focusing, as well as provides some serious surface contact area for your hands to warm the malty, boozy brew poured inside. The new solid bottom gives a great heft to this glass while allowing us to feature some cool graphics!

Big Sexy pulled from mold
Big Sexy glass on table