The Artisan Glass is inspired by a tradition as rich and colorful as bourbon, the tradition of Venetian Glass-blowing. This glass is made with a technique called Mezzastampo, a centuries old technique primarily used for goblets that commemorated special occasions, including royal weddings. As a student of glass history (especially Venetian/Murano glass), I have always had a love affair with Mezzastampo and it seemed like the perfect combination. A royal technique for a royal liquor. Mezzastampo is a slow and difficult technique that truly pays homage to a beverage that requires time and patience. The philosophy of producing these glasses could not be more in-tuned with the philosophy of making great bourbon.

The Artisan Glass is a hybrid neat/rocks glass. It will highlight either preferred method of drinking bourbon. It has an elongated tulip that is considered to be one of the finest glass shapes for highlighting bourbon. The ridges on the glass provide a wonderful texture for gripping the glass, while the Mezzastampo technique naturally gives the bottom of the glass a double thickness, reducing sweating if you are drinking “on the rocks.”

It easily holds 3-4 oz of bourbon with room for a few ice cubes. The glass is pictured with 3 oz. Measures approximately 3.25″ tall, 3.25″ wide.