When a glassblower opens up his own brewery, the glassware needs to be on point. This is the first mid size glass for the bar (12 oz pour with room for two fingers of head). Designed to be versatile and ergonomic. This glass will do well with a variety of styles, especially Pale Ales, IPAs, Porters, Ambers, and bigger lagers. Higher grav beers will be best highlighted out of the 10 oz Da Wobble glass, while lighter lagers will be best out of the 17 oz Tulip glass. The “foot” at the bottom of the glass is designed to be the same diameter as the human finger, creating a natural place to wrap your hand around while limiting surface contact and therefore warming of the beer.

Designed exclusively for Pretentious Beer Co, our sister company and microbrewery. The Bar Series features a production technique that predates the industrial revolution. In an effort to make handmade glassware even more approachable, we are looking at historic techniques when all glassware was handmade. These glasses are a little thinner than our other wares, but still made out of the same high quality, super strong base glass that we are known for.

The glass is about 6″ tall and 3.0″ wide, and holds a 14oz. pour (remember these are handmade and dimensions will vary slightly).