Frequently Asked Questions

How are the glasses packaged?

Each glass is individually wrapped and boxed separately in custom branded gift boxes.  Then packed up thoroughly in a way that will survive even a 30 ft drop (cause shippers, ya know).  All of the material is fully recyclable, including the vegetable starch based peanuts that are very eco-friendly.

Where are you located?

We have been located in the Old City historic district of Knoxville, TN for 6 awesome years! Get in touch.

If I live near Knoxville can I pick up instead of paying for shipping?

Sure can! Just select “Local Pickup” at checkout.

What’s the current Shipping times?

Shipping times change throughout the year as we get surges in orders from Holidays or get featured in Press.  Normal shipping times can vary from 1-10 weeks.  We keep those as accurately as possible in each item listing.

Why the “long” shipping/lead times?

Thanks to all you amazing people, we can’t keep glassware in stock. Everything is Made-To-Order.  So the shipping time is indicative of the number of orders that were placed before your order and therefore your production queue placement.  

What ships the fastest?

Small Batch and Founders are typically already finished before being listed, so those will ship the fastest.  Most Flagships will have the longest wait. We recommend placing separate orders if you desire a glass with a longer shipping time but are also buying Small Batch or Founders – as the Flagship will delay the entire order. 

Why don’t you offer free shipping? 

To ensure that your glass arrives safely, we have to ship the item properly.  Ideal packing material and the low profit margins of handmade glass means that it is it is impossible to absorb the shipping costs into the item costs.  This isn’t mass produced and we aren’t Amazon….haha, that is probably the answer to a lot of questions 😉

Are there variations in your glasses?

Yep!  That is the best part of owning handmade glassware!  Each glass is slightly different, and has its own character.  Small bubbles, micro-cords, tool marks, punty marks, and slight variations in dimensions are all natural by products of your glassware being made by a craftsperson.  ***IF YOU ARE MATCHING TO A SET THAT YOU ALREADY OWN, PLEASE LET US KNOW THE DIMENSIONS OF YOUR CURRENT GLASS SO THAT WE CAN MAKE THE BEST SET POSSIBLE.  

What is a 2nd Sale item?

Large bubbles, cords, excessive tool marks, and abnormal differences in height, width, or opening result in the glass being sold as a 2nd  – as long as the glass is still functional and safe to use.  These flaws are exclusively aesthetic.  Refunds are not accepted on 2nd Sale items.  Please message us if you have any questions or concerns before purchase.  

Are you/when will you offer Glass Blowing classes or “Makes Your Owns”?

Due to the nature of glass blowing, ie. putting your mouth on things, and the current state of the world, we are not offering classes or Make Your Owns at this time.  But check out our Design Your Own Glasses!  Same options as the MYOs but can be ordered from anywhere, not just in our store.  

I want to order a custom glass or object how can I do that?

Contact us with pictures, details, quantities, and budget. Or as much of that as you have handy. Just FYI we stop taking custom orders in September/October so we can accommodate the influx around the holiday season. 

Do you offer colored glasses or only clear for your Flagship glasses?

While we prefer to let the color of the beverage shine through our clear glass, we can do color on our flagship series and other glasses. It would be processed as a custom order. Contact us for more details or specific questions.

I have a question about my order, but I cannot find my order number or confirmation email.

Contact us with your question as well as your name and address and we will be able to assist.

Are the glasses dishwasher safe?

We recommend hand washing our glassware.

Return/Exchange/Refund Policy

Returns and refunds are available within 1 week of receiving your purchase. Please contact us with return request along with your order number. All items must be returned in original packaging and customer is responsible for shipping. Refunds are issued after return of glass and can take 5-10 business days to process. 

Returns and Refunds are not available on 2nd Sale items. Please contact us if you have questions prior to purchasing. 

At this time we do not process exchanges, but are happy to guide you through a re-selection while we process your return! 

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