The JuicyY Beer Glass features a modified Swedish Foot design.  Much taller than normal, it blurs the line of foot versus stem.  More like a pedestal for a work of art. Just like in the Big Sexy design, we utilize that beautiful chunk of crystal to show off a graphic pattern. The clear solid glass foot allows the glass to almost float above the table, resulting in one of our most striking designs. 

The JuicyY Beer Glass is the latest and greatest iteration of our captain’s favorite OG glass, the Sauvin. The hollow foot has been replaced with a minimalist solid foot that will showcase rotating imagery, patterns, on the bottom. The bowl of the glass has been exaggerated while the tulip top has been elongated. Pushing the vivacious curves of the original glass in to unworldly attractiveness.  This glass is designed to highlight virtually any IPA, and especially those Hazy Bois!

JuicyY glass full of beer
JuicyY glass in the sun